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Apartments in Świeradów Zdrój

The Royal Aparts company was created with a passion for beautiful places and comfortable rest. We have created the apartments in which we would like to rest ourselves. Interiors full of perfect harmony in which nothing is accidental.


All the locations of the apartments we offer provide excellent access to tourist attractions, which are located both in Świeradów-Zdrój itself and in its vicinity. Undoubtedly, each guest will find something for themselves here.


Especially for guests

On request, we also prepare apartments for special occasions, such as romantic stay for two, greeting honeymooners on a honeymoon, or a trip to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We are also gradually expanding the network of partners so that our guests have acces to many attractive discounts.


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Rezerwacja apartamentu

Wybierz lokalizację

Posiadane apartamenty obsługujemy poprzez 2 odrębne systemy rezerwacyjne, dlatego prosimy o wybór preferowanej lokalizacji apartamentu. Listę apartamentów wraz z mapą znajdziesz tutaj. Możesz dokonać rezerwacji apartamentu bezpośrednio na jego stronie.

ul. Cicha 13
ul. Zakopiańska 22
ul. 11 Listopada 22,26
ul. Polna 26,27

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ul. Sienkiewicza 9

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Select a location

We support our apartments through two separate reservation systems, so please select your preferred apartment location. A list of apartments with a map can be found here. You can book the apartment directly on its website.

Cicha 13 Street
Zakopiańska 22 Street
11 Listopada 22,26 Street
Polna 26,27 Street


Sienkiewicza 9 Street


Reservierung der Wohnung

Wählen Sie einen Standort

Wir bedienen unsere Apartments über Zwei getrennte Reservierungssysteme, bitte wählen Sie also Ihren bevorzugten Apartmentstandort. Die Liste der Wohnungen und die Karte finden Sie hier. Sie können eine Wohnung direkt auf ihrer Website buchen.

Cicha Straße
Zakopiańska 22 Straße
11 Listopada 22,26 Straße
Polna 26,27 Straße


Sienkiewicza 9 Straße